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How (not) to protect yourself

How (not) to protect yourself Simultaneously with alleviating the barriers regulating recreational and commercial drone usage, the need for protection against their misuse arises. We, as the only company in Slovakia that provides complex protection against drone threats, are constantly observing these trends. In this article, we bring to your attention the summary of those […]

October 6, 2017 Drone incidents

Airports in danger

Physical contact of an airplane with any other flying object during its flight can be fatal for both the machine and its crew. Most common airborne encounters happen during landings or take offs with bird flocks. However, pilots are prepared for these situations and airfields equipped with means to mitigate the probability or consequences of […]

Commercial application of drones

Unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs) or drones are being used more and more in various aspects of economic life. For businesses that realized and utilized their enormous potential are nowadays drones integral part of corporate processes. Their usage, even though it is still largely shackled by legal restrictions, saves firms notable time and funds. So where […]